If you follow your bliss, you will always have your bliss, money or not. If you follow money, you may lose it, and you will have nothing ~ Joseph Campbell

Monday, January 31, 2011

Documentary Part 2 (10m04s)

Do you do the important work?
rafting along
laced together with twine
patched with pitch

"you are going feral"

chewing off long strips
of sinew and popping

wet sweetness
and sticky after exposure of air

you dig a bear cave
in the side of the snow mound
and smooth the walls
polishing them as hard as ice; glassiline

you can hide out
for some small thing
to creep too closely

you snatch and rip and gulp
then sleep


  1. did you mean ferrel like a bushing used to secure a pipe joint, Ferrel like the actor, or feral like a naughty kitty?