If you follow your bliss, you will always have your bliss, money or not. If you follow money, you may lose it, and you will have nothing ~ Joseph Campbell

Friday, March 28, 2014

The BIG Poetry Giveaway of 2014

I am excited to be participating in the Big Poetry Giveaway for 2014.  I participated last year for the first time, and I really enjoyed it.

 I spend a lot of time in Raven Used Books in Harvard Square Cambridge going over the stacks of books in the poetry section, and I get to take some great chances on poets I've never heard of before.

It's been a long, difficult winter.  I am looking forward to spring.

I have found a few of my favorite poets that way, including Forrest Gander, Peter Richards, Tomas Transtroemer.  I also use it to fill in the gaps in my collection.  I am currently trying to complete my collection of Ai books.  Most are out of print, so my only chance to find them is used bookshops or online book dealers.

I am currently participating in the 30 poems in 30 days challenge, and it really is a challenge.  I am backspace addict, so composing on a computer is out.  I either hand write poems or use my Smith Corona Galaxy 12 typewriter.  My preference is the Galaxy 12, but sometimes, I am not home, so a notebook has to do.

I read a lot, every day, but find that I don't enjoy poems by women (there are exceptions).  I also enjoy short fiction.  My favorite author currently is George Saunders.  I am especially enjoying reading some great graphic novels like Kingdom Come and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  I just completed the Batman: Court of Owls omnibus.  That was fantastic!

I work in IT as a sys admin, but I have a Master's degree in English and adjunct locally.  I'd like to be a full professor someday.  

The books I am offering are

Helsinki by Peter Richards.  This is a gem!  I promise you.  I have to keep buying myself copies because I keep giving it away.

Word Comix from Charlie Smith.  I enjoyed this very much.  I am sure you will also.

 To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post. I will randomly choose from the comments who will receive the books and contact you through email.  Winners will be drawn on May 1.

For more information and other participating sites, please visit 

30 Poems in 30 Days

Well, it's almost that time again.  April is national poetry month, and its an opportunity (or excuse) to try to write a poem a day.  Lots of poets and organizations will be participating.  You can click on the link to the right that says NaPoWriMo for more information.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And the Winner is...

I participated in the Big Poetry Giveaway this year, and I am ready to announce the winners.

Randomly selected from the comments, Diane Kendrig and Shawnte Orion.

Thank you, everyone, for coming by and participating!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Day 7


The door is shut
the windows are bolted
the cat, the dog, the fish are asleep

The coats hang quiet on the rack.
The equipment lay empty on the desk.
no more food for thought (or otherwise)

I've noticed it has started to get hot.
The air is as thick as oatmeal
I left it too long on the stove.
The air has been off for many days.
So often I am cold.

Does the house smell of glycol?


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Goodbye and Goodbye

Day 6

Goodbye and Goodbye

to each star
and other heavenly giants
to wink themselves out

to stratagems of the day
conspiracies of lunch time
chores & timetables

to bath time, noisy splashes
soapy hair
pajamas and book time

to quiet cat time
with tea and ginger snaps
sitting and knitting the world.


Friday, April 5, 2013


Day 5


I close
my eyes and jump
leaving you at the top
I do not wait for you below,
but go

you even throught.
You filed the report,
but it is too late now. I have


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hold that Body

Day 4

Hold that Body

Turn 3/4 and pull the pin.
free your right hand
be sure.

I'll dig
you can just wait
as there is only one shovel

Just please stop sighing
someone is going to hear you.

We've run out of
time. There is no perfect chance
after now, so please hold
your hands and your breath.